School Board Votes to Close Schools: Follow-Up to "Maybe We ALL Blew It?"

All that was missing at the Richmond School Board meeting last night amidst the shouting, crying and recriminations of the 6th-District's (Not Dr.) Shonda Harris-Muhammed, was the rending of garments. 

Despite veiled accusations of racism from school board vice-chairman Don Coleman and others who suggested a vote to close the schools would "decrease diversity" and increase "segregation," the board voted 5-4 Monday to close Clark Springs Elementary, the Adult Career Development Center and the Norrell pre-school center.

Now, let's move on to the hard stuff of making this be a success. Many thanks and congratulations must be extended to Richmond School Board members Glen Sturtevant, Kim Gray, Jeff Bourne, Kristen Larson and Derrik Jones for showing courage under fire. Let's hope the other board members can get over the shouting, crying and carrying on in order to work with these five for the greater good of all.