Not exactly a "Declaration of Censure," Official School Board Statement Says It All ...

Concerning the arrest of the husband of Richmond School Board member Shonda Harris-Muhammed (6th-District) on a felony drug charge, the official statement from seven of nine Richmond School Board members, pretty much says it all:

For Immediate Release

A Statement Issued By Richmond City School Board Members: 
Jeffrey Bourne, Chair-3rd District; Donald Coleman, Vice-Chair-7th District; Glen Sturtevant, 1st District; Kimberly Gray, 2nd District; Kristen Larson, 4th District; Derik Jones, 8th District; and Tichi Pinkney Eppes, 9th District
The integrity and credibility of the Richmond City School Board and district are our paramount concerns.  This Board is gravely concerned and deeply disappointed by what has been reported by the news media and the Richmond Police Department.  We are faced yet again with an unfortunate incident that distracts us from the important work we have to complete. This incident has cast a shadow on the School Board at a time when we are working diligently to gain the confidence and trust of the community and improve the quality of public education in the City of Richmond.
Given the circumstances as we understand them at this point, and the time demands placed on a school board member, it is our belief that Mrs. Harris-Muhammed should devote all of her time and energy on the needs of her family during this difficult time.
Our goal as a Board remains improving educational outcomes for the students and families we serve.

Only Mrs. Muhammed and Mamie Taylor (5th-District) declined to endorse the official statement released earlier today.  Feel free to share your thoughts on this recent development.