Is the Fix In? Say it Ain't So, Mr. Mayor, Say it Ain't So

Will Mayor Dwight C. Jones succeed in putting "the fix" in so he doesn't strike out (again) when (and if) he brings his "next" baseball stadium proposal forth? Rumors are flying around town that Jones and his supporters are trying to silence Paul Goldman, a commentator at WTVR television who has been critical of the Mayor's stadium plan.  

FACT:  Several friends who attended the Jefferson Jackson (JJ) Dinner, an annual Democratic Party fundraiser (held last Saturday night at the Richmond Marriott) report they overheard Jones repeatedly kvetching about the coverage his proposed baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom has received from Goldman.  They also report they overheard Jones remarking that he wished something could be done to muzzle Goldman's mouth (not in those exact words, but you get the gist).

FACT:  For months, Goldman has provided relentless, accurate, in-depth coverage and legal analysis to Hizzoner's "Still Secret" stadium plan.  Goldman has repeatedly exposed the myriad machinations behind the scenes of Jones' efforts to jam the stadium into Shockoe Bottom, despite considerable public opposition.

FACT: In addition to providing opinion commentary at WTVR, Goldman is a lawyer, a political pundit and a nationally recognized journalist whose opinion pieces run in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN.

FACT:  WTVR's Community Advisory Council (click this link to see the members of this council) met earlier this week.  Inside sources say that shortly after the meeting Goldman was informed he needed to go easier on the Mayor and the $80-million-plus stadium proposal. 

COINCIDENCE?  Stay tuned ...