Update .... Judkins v. Umesh Dalal and City of Richmond

Richmond City Auditor, Umesh Dalal, walked out of court on Monday "finally free," he said of a legal matter "that never should have been filed in the first place," referring to the $10.7 million lawsuit brought against him, and the City of Richmond, by Sharon O. Judkins, a former deputy Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Richmond, Va.

Although the lawsuit alleged that Dalal should be found guilty of defamation and negligence for a report he wrote about an effort on the part of former Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Byron Marshall to sweeten a termination negotiation that would have given an additional $400,000 in benefits to Judkins, Richmond Circuit Court Judge Bradley B. Cavedo disagreed.  The judge has not yet ruled on whether "breach of contract" allegations against the city should be dismissed. 

Both Dalal and his lawyer, Stanley G. Barr, in separate telephone interviews today, expressed relief that the matter has been resolved and each promised to discuss the details of the case once Judge Cavedo rules on the remaining allegations against the city.  

Stay tuned ...