More Sunshine Needed ....

My friend John R. Butcher has a post on his Cranky's blogsite about my legal battle with the City of Richmond concerning those "top-secret" Confidentiality Agreements that Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones has used to try to cover-up the sudden departure of Richmond's former CFO, Byron C. Marshall.  Check it out ... Butcher's blog is a treasure trove of information and analysis that focuses on public education and municipal politics in Richmond, Virginia and state-wide.   Here is your very own link to John's blogsite.


The inimitable Carol Wolf, as part of the fallout from her Freedom of Information Act suit for public records regarding the sudden departure of the City’s Chief Administrative Officer, has obtained the “Confidentiality Agreements” signed by six City officials.
Here, for example is the Agreement signed by Mr. Samuels:
Carol also has the same Agreement as signed by Mr. Beschler and by Ms. Newbile, Ms. Robertson, Ms. Graziano, and Ms. Mosby.
Aside from the signatures in the wrong places on this copy, there are several remarkable features of the Agreement:
  • Mr. Beschler and the five Council members promise to not disclose the embargoed information to “anyone,” presumably including the other signers;
  • The signers promise to not disclose information discussed with the Mayor’s office regarding ANY personnel matter, including, presumably any matter regarding any employee anywhere in the universe;
  • The signers promise to not disclose that the Agreement exists(!); and
  • The agreement is between “the City” and five members (a majority) of the Council that exercises, with a few exceptions, “[a]ll powers vested in the City.”  That is, for all practical purposes, this Agreement is a bargain between the City and itself.
Aside from those snarky details, five of our Council members have surrendered their dignity and authority in order to learn the details that they have the right and duty to know anyhow regarding the firing of Mr. Marshall.
Your tax dollars at “work.”

PS:  The Times-Dispatch also has copies.

          Update.  Also Channel 12