UPDATE -- "Priceless ... " ... Parental Participation at its Finest

Good news!  Thanks to the combined whistle-blowing efforts of diligent parents, citizens, members of Richmond's FaceBook community and the City of Richmond School Board (current and former), RPS administrators, bloggers and mainstream journalists, something powerful happened last week.

Saturday's Richmond Times Dispatch had a story by Zach Reid, in which Michelle Mosby, City Council President, said that the two bills in the General Assembly concerning RPS facilities issues will be pulled. [*Just to be safe, we should all wait to take a VICTORY LAP until the bills have been officially removed.]

 And, yes ... I am talking about the lobbying, blogging, reporting and outreach that happened on behalf of schools by  Jeff Bourne, Kimberly Gray, Don ColemanKristen Nye Larson, Kirsten Gray, Chris Dovi, Michael Paul Williams, Bert Berlin, Ethiopia Epiphany and many, many members of RVA who stepped up and spoke out to get these bills pulled. 

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