Will Someone Puh-lease Show (Not Dr.) Shonda Harris-Muhammed Where Her Spellcheck Key Is?

This e-mail sheds considerable light on why (Not. Dr.) Shonda Harris-Muhammed does not have her Doctorate from Walden University as she claimed.  How she received a Master's Degree from Walden University with the writing skill she demonstrates here remains a mystery. I have only noted the spelling errors.  I started to note the grammar mistakes and had to stop.   It was making my hair hurt.  ~ CW

On Jun 18, 2013, at 8:02 AM, Harris-Muhammed, 
Shonda smuhamme@richmond.k12.va.us wrote:
Good morning
Mr. Bourne and Mr. Coleman

 It truly saddens me that a few of us feel obligated and privleged to verbally assault other school board members in a public sector. What occured lastnight evening between two school board members MUST never happen again. This behavior from Ms. Kimberly Gray has occured on numerours occassions and it demonstrates the lack of respect, integrity, character, and professionalism amongst other areas. I observed the entire situation and was appalled at how comfortable Ms. Gray was at approaching Mrs. Pickney-Epps literally beyond her comfortable space of a normal conversation. This behavior MUST stop!

When someone violates your space and intiate a arguement forcing another to protect themselves is just outragious. From the beginning of this term we have had unecessary drama and unecessary personal attachks. I must tell you God sees and hears all. What I do believe and know to be true, he has this situation just like all other situations that has occurred with board members planning attacks on other school board members. Our public does not expect us to get along like bestfriends, however, they do expect us to perform our elected duties with a high level of class, professionalism, character and integrity. Many of those attributes several board members are missing and I do see several of those same board members who do not care.  What occurred lastnight was an attempt to physically attack someone else. Who in the world would do such a thing particulary an adult female? In addition, Ms. Gray walked up from behind Mrs. Pickney-Epps and began to engage in a verbal dispute. This was calculated and it was strategically planned. This behavior must stop. My prayer is that if anyone and I mean anyone feels threatened they would seek the proper assistance from the authorities and the courts. That scene lastnight was threatening to me, it was unecessary, it was unprofessional, and it showed a lack of class.
> I am in prayer, I mean some fervant prayer not just for myself but for all school board members. If our students behaved as such in school they would receive a severe consquence from the administration. Lastnight's performance by Ms. Gray warrants some serious consquences and as a board member I need to know from the attorney's what recourse we have as individuals and as a board. This was an assault, someone violating someone's space is beyond threatening.
> Lastly, I am not letting this go. Whatever Mrs. Pickney-Epps choose to do is within her rights but as for me and for the sake of "transparency", this will be dealt with in a manner God is pleased with on my behalf. These attacks must stop! When people have to plan to attack you, when they sit and think about how to destroy you, when they walk in the name of destruction, when they seek out attention to gain respect and authority, they fall hard. Now sit back and watch God work!  He is not pleased with behaviors by several school board members.

 Disclamier: As we all know emails get out because several school board members forward or copy and paste them using personal emails or other forms of communication to the media or persons who like drama such as this, as I have always stated, cc me on the forwards.

Up Next: A copy of the e-mail Ms. Tichi Pinkney-Eppes (9th-District) fired off and a discussion of what really set off the dispute between Epps and Ms. Kimberly B. Gray (2nd-District).