Follow-up to "Drill, Baby, Drill" ...

Responses to my request of Richmond teachers and RPS employees to tell the public and parents what is needed to help improve the quality of education in the City of Richmond are starting to come in.  Here are some recent suggestions:

From a teacher with 10-plus years experience

"The School Board needs to appoint an ombudsman who can receive complaints from teachers and parents concerning principals who terrorize their schools and who will target teachers who side with parents who have complaints about how their children are treated by other children.  Some children get away with bullying because their parents are friends with the principal or belong to the same sorority."


From a student teacher: 

"I never believed that the sororities were as big a deal as they are in RPS.  Maybe you should just assign teachers to principals based on the sorority because when there is a difference, the younger teachers are always abused by senior staff who basically try to drive them out."


From a teacher with 10-plus years experience:

"If we would get rid of one person downtown in central office, VO, WHO THINKS SHE IS THE SUPERINTENDENT, we could be the teachers we were hired to be. She insists and has been allowed to have her hands in everything, except Academics, which she is supposed to oversee, the scores may get better. The dictatorship must stop!"