Re: David Hudson, Principal Holton Elementary School

from: Amy Harr
Holton Parent and Teacher 

I just wanted to write to say that I find the accusations against Mr. Hudson go against every thing I know of this respectable man.  I have known Mr. Hudson for 12 years now.  I first met him when my first born daughter started kindergarten at Holton.   It was his first year there too.  He created a community of trust and respect.  He brought together all the stakeholders and brought out the best in them (parents, teachers, staff, community members, neighbors, school counsel, RPS administration).  Holton's reputation has created a ripple effect of pride through the neighborhood.  When we moved to Bellevue 21 years ago, families moved away once their children reached school age.  Since Mr. Hudson took the helm, families move into the neighborhood for Holton!  I credit Mr. Hudson for his leadership, and his willingness to work together so effectively with parents and community organizations. 

Mr Hudson solves conflict.  He isn't afraid to confront a problem.  He is fair and swift in his actions to maintain a safe and engaging environment for our children.  He always puts the children first!  I have not gone a single year since Mr. Hudson became principal without a student at Holton.  My two oldest children are in high school now.  My youngest is in fourth grade.  I have served on the executive board of the PTA or as a board chair all 12 years I have been at Holton.  In all those experiences I have only witnessed professional behavior from Mr. Hudson.  He is very present, and very tuned in with all that is happening at Holton.  I trust him.  He was there for us when we had ideas for greater enrichment programs, additional tutoring programs, and the huge garden project.  He listened when we had concerns for my son's anxiety about making mistakes.  He was a resource and advocate for our daughter when she was diagnosed with dyslexia.  He encourage me to pursue my calling to teach.  I earned my Master's degree in Special Education.  I am now in my second year teaching at Holton.   

I never saw improprieties with Mr. Lightfoot.  I believe Mr. Lightfoot was overwhelmed by all that it takes to be in administration.  I also believe that Mr. Hudson was doing what we all need him to do; showing leadership to ensure our children's safety and giving them every opportunity to achieve their highest level of potential.  This means high expectations, professionalism, constructive criticism, and recognition for those demonstrating hard work, follow through and success.  I am shocked and disappointed that Mr. Hudson must endure unfounded accusations.  He has given so much to make our school great for every child.  

This school year, I admire Mr. Hudson even more.  He has not allowed this burden to bring him down.  Our school year has started out with the children excited to be there, and the teachers are well-prepared to capture that enthusiasm to foster a joy for learning.  It feels great to be a part of Holton.  It looks like we will experience another amazing year! 

Thank you for allowing me to express my support.  I know you are a community activist and that your husband is defending Mr. Hudson.  I thought my words may be helpful.