Contact Your PBS Station to Demand Equal Time for Pro-Public Education Message

by dianeravitch
The Network for Public Education invites you to contact your local PBS station to protest the one-sided three-hour special "School Inc." The letter in the link tells you how to contact your PBS affiliate. 
We urge two courses of action, for the sake of balance. Please request that they air my 10-minute response which was filmed by the NYC affiliate of PBS. Please urge them to show "Backpack Full of Cash," made by award-winning Stone Lantern Productions; it tells the story of the corporate assault on public schools. 
That is 70 minutes of time, certainly not equal time. PBS, in the interests of fairness, should identify and run three hours of documentaries that show an accurate picture of the accomplishments and challenges of public schools.
PBS is running a three-hour special that attacks public schools and celebrates privatization. "School Inc" claims that public schools are not "innovative," but not one of its free-market examples are innovative in any way, other than that they are run by private corporations, many for profit. The narrator and creator of this series is the late Andrew Coulson, a libertarian who believed in free-market education. 
I watched all three hours of the program twice, preparing for a 10-minute interview at WNET, the New York City affiliate of PBS. I learned that the three foundations that funded the program are libertarian supporters of vouchers. The program is pro-privatization propaganda. At no point does Coulson interview anyone who disagrees with him. He lauds the free-market reforms in Chile and Sweden, which reputable scholars have found wanting. Chile is one of the most segregated school systems in the world, and Sweden's scores on international tests have fallen since the introduction of Choice and for-profit schooling. 
This program leads the way in promoting the DeVos agenda of free-market education. 
Please send your email. Be heard.